Vectorholic for life!


My name is Jose Duran Bulgarelli, I'm from Costa Rica but currently living in Miami, FL.

When i was a kid, my neighbor was a Graphic Designer (Better known as Tomo77). He use to work in his room on a glass desk with lighting coming from underneath. I remember being there hours and hours watching him design with nothing more than his pen and a piece of paper -- no computer, no software. He was a very important influence in my choice to become a graphic designer.

My older brother, who passed away, was a Graphic Designer. Also, my neighbor, that I talked about earlier, was a very important part on my career choice. As a kid I drew a lot, I made tons of drawings. The walls of my room were filled with cartoons and crazy illustrations that I made. Also, when my mom was sick in the hospital I made her a promise, that from now on everything that I was going to do would have her name on it. That's how my nickname, “mebz art” was born. MEBZ is the first letters of my moms full name, she was my biggest inspiration.

Years later, I began designing and creating my own personal style. After many failed attempts I found a style that felt right for me.

When crazy ideas pop into my head, I just grab my sketch book and start drawing. I also find inspiration in things that are trending around the world. Music inspires me a lot, and also I love searching for new artists on the web, look at their styles, portfolios and ideas. 

My art comes from things happening around the world. Things like: David Bowie’s death, movies, cartoons and music (like Dave Grohl's Bad Ass Throne). I love to make tributes and illustration series like my Bad Guys Series and the What’s Inside Series.


Everything is possible, you just need to try.